Secure Messaging for Healthcare Professionals

Securely send and receive letters, results, documents and more from your clinical system with ReferralNet.

Used by over 10,000 users across the Australian healthcare landscape
Allied Health
General Practice

Remove paper, reduce risk, and grow your referral network.

Reduce overhead costs by removing paper from your practice

Remove the costs associated with manually purchasing, scanning, faxing and filing your paper documents. Helping you scale your business the affordable way.

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Improve efficiency by automatically transforming paper into digital documents

Improve efficiency by automatically transferring your inbound paper referrals, faxes and clinical notes into clinical documents. Removing the risk of data loss and manual errors associated with paper management.

Stay safe with our secure messaging protocols

Enjoy a secure messaging service that meets all Australian CDA, HL7 v2 and FHIR standards. Ensuring your referral data remains encrypted and confidential at every stage of the referral journey.

All in one secure messaging system

Low Cost Plans

Save on infrastructure and maintenance costs with hosted endpoints, operations assistance and patch management run by our team.

Tracking and Reporting

Inbuilt features in ReferralNet include the ability to customise send and receive notifications and activity reporting.

Online Directory

Grow your referral network by leveraging the power of FHIR R4 to securely connect with Argus and other clinical system users.

Electronic Documents

Securely send and receive electronic referrals, faxes, clinical notes, letters and more with your network of care providers.

Two-Way Interoperability

ReferralNet is two-way interoperable with Argus so you can communicate with more healthcare providers.

SMD Compliant

Stay secure with ReferralNet. One of the few vendors that meets Australian CDA, HL7 v2 and FHIR standards.

That integrates with your existing clinical software

See how much you can save when you go paperless with ReferralNet!

Frequently Asked Questions

ReferralNet is a secure message delivery application (SMD) that enables the exchange of patient information between healthcare practitioners. ReferralNet is used extensively across the healthcare industry by GPs, Specialists, Allied Health, Community Health, Hospitals, Pathology, Radiology and many others.

ReferralNet enables the information produced by one system to be sent, encrypted, received into the recipient system so that the information can be viewed and actioned.

Secure Message Delivery is the secure transfer of electronic information. It means that healthcare organisations can safely send patient and clinical information using the required Government standards (Australian Technical Specification (ATS) 5822 E-Health Secure Message Delivery (SMD) in March 2010.)

ReferralNet conforms with these standards and is listed in the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) PIP eHealth register.

ReferralNet can send and receive almost any file type including reports, referrals, pathology results, radiology results, discharge summaries and letters. This is in comparison to other vendors that limit the payload that can be sent.

Predominantly, Australian healthcare applications create and consume HL7 messaging.  These include REF I^12, ORU, ORM.  Additionally, many systems can create and consume CDA messages.  ReferralNet can transport all HL7 and CDA messages.

Secure Messages are charged for both sent documents and documents received by ReferralNet. However, users are only charged per document exchanged, not for the number of pages in each document.

  • Conforms to Australian SMD standards for the secure exchange of information between healthcare providers
  • Interoperable with Argus
  • Reduces your business risk of privacy breach
  • Significantly saves time and money by reducing manual processes
  • Eliminates the use of Fax, post and printing
  • Integrates with most clinical and practice systems
  • Hosted within Australia

ReferralNet is inbuilt into MasterCare+ Secure Messaging. Find out more about the online portal for secure messaging here.

You can register for ReferralNet by purchasing one of our subscriptions – here!

Our support team will contact you to schedule an installation with your or your IT support.

Once installed you need to identify who you will send to, and who you would like to receive from.  Assessing your fax and paper copies of patient information is a good way of doing this.

You should advise health practitioners that you prefer to send and receive securely and to send all information to your practice and practitioners via ReferralNet.  You can place this information in the footer of common letter templates or send these practitioners a letter advising them directly.