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allowing you to exchange messages with both users
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ReferralNet Secure Message Delivery helps healthcare professionals confidentially and efficiently exchange referrals and other documents.

Going paper-less with electronic referrals and other communications reduces time and admin costs for your organisation. ReferralNet charges are based on consumption, not users.

Easily integrates with your existing clinical system and interoperable with Telstra Health’s Argus allowing you to grow your referral network!

Use the ReferralNet Savings Calculator to see how much you can save

Secure Message Exchange

Healthcare professionals can now securely exchange a range of document types including letters, images, results and discharge summaries.

Two-Way Interoperability
ReferralNet is two-way interoperable with Argus so you can communicate with more healthcare providers

SMD Compliant
ReferralNet is one of the few vendors that meets Australian CDA, HL7 v2 and FHIR standards

Usage Based Plans 
Pay monthly by site and not the number of users. Plus, no lock-in contracts!

Tracking and Reporting
Inbuilt features in ReferralNet include the ability to customise send and receive notifications and activity reporting