Secure messaging with third party providers

Secure messaging with third party providers

Exploring possible ways of engaging the wider medical industry via secure messaging

ReferralNet’s General Manager, Nikki Thrift, will be speaking at the upcoming AAPM South Coast Network event on ways that practice managers can use secure messaging with third party providers and stakeholders.

Talking about secure communication opportunities beyond the medical industry, Nikki will be cover how we currently interact with these stakeholders and discuss how these external organisations may not understand the risk of sending information by fax or unencrypted email. These stakeholders could include insurance companies, rehabilitation providers, schools and Government Agencies such as Family and Community Services.

The presentation will also include a discussion on current barriers in communicating with these organisations, including compliance issues and technology hurdles.

Attend to be a part of this discussion and provide input on how secure messaging with these organisations could work.

Event details: 

6:30pm Wednesday 11th October 2017

Junction Street Family Practice

To register to attend please visit the AAPM website.