Streamlining home medicine reviews

Streamlining home medicine reviews

ReferralNet and HMR Referrals

HMR Referrals have selected Global Health’s ReferralNet Secure Messaging as their key partner. ReferralNet will be used for the secure and real-time transfer of Home Medicine Reviews (HMR) to and from the GPs’ own software.

HMR Referrals is a full-featured national solution enabling Australian healthcare practitioners to deliver better medication management outcomes for their patients.

HMR Referrals facilitate the review of the patient’s medication by Accredited Pharmacists within the HMR application, as well as the return of the finalised review within days; delivering improved quality, consistency and turnaround time.

Similar to other parts of the healthcare sector, there is currently a high volume of manual processes involved in delivering a HMR and results in less than 4% of eligible patients receiving a review.

HMR Referrals see ReferralNet Secure Messaging as a key component in reducing the amount of paper, errors and delay in the process. This partnership will see ReferralNet installed into practices using HMR Referrals and integrated with their own software to enable the seamless exchange of HMR documents.

Vladimir Finn, HMR Referral’s CEO, can see the clear advantages of secure messaging in the HMR process. Initial implementation of ReferralNet in some of the HMR clinics have seen a huge reduction in manual processes.

“There is currently an overwhelming amount of faxing and scanning involved,” Vladimir said. “What was 1 hour of work in total, is now 10 minutes with HMR Referrals and ReferralNet.”

“Using our integrated DMMR/HMR templates ensures each referral is optimised for consistency, content and quality; removing the need for the Accredited Pharmacist to re-key or chase missing information,” Vladimir said.

HMR Referral’s team support the rapid configuration of clinical systems, liaising directly with the practice’s IT professionals. Training and guidance is provided to ensure practices and clinicians are able to commence sending HMRs immediately.

The time saved, improved process and better patient outcomes will be seen across the healthcare sector, including general practitioners, specialists and accredited pharmacists.

Contact ReferralNet or HMR Referrals to find out more.