About our new pricing

New pricing, more room for growth

Why new pricing?

Our new pricing plans reflect the fact that secure messaging is growing. More health services are starting to use Secure Messaging, SMD vendors are becoming interoperable and we want to make sure all of your staff members can reap the benefits.

We spoke with many of you who highlighted that they were only listing one ‘mailbox’ with secure messaging vendors to reduce pricing, or who were frustrated that because you were a specific type of healthcare organisation you had to pay more with other vendors.

We listened, and our new prices are just based on how many messages you exchange each month – regardless of how many mailboxes/users you have or what type of organisation you are.

No longer do you need to have one ‘central’, organisation account to keep SMD costs down. List all of your providers in the address book so they can all be found by other healthcare professionals.

We also recognised that new providers trying secure messaging want to start with small volumes and we have packages available that will allow them to grow.

Now you can choose how you subscribe with monthly plans available.

What are the new packages?

ReferralNet is for businesses of all sizes, from single practitioner specialist rooms to large, Area Health and PHNs. We now have more levels of plans to cater to the different levels of secure message usage in our network. You can see the prices on our pricing page.

  • The Entry level plan is for businesses entering into the secure messaging world. Send and receive 30 messages a month, it is perfect for businesses just starting out.
  • The Standard plan is fantastic for small to medium level of use, covering businesses who use secure messaging regularly but not lots.
  • The Premium plan is for medium level use, it includes a whole lot more messages as part of the plan and a lower additional message rate than our other plans.
  • Enterprise customers can talk to us about volume plans.

I currently have ReferralNet installed, what does this mean for me?

As your current plan comes up for renewal, you will be automatically transferred to the equivalent new plan based off your previous year’s usage. Feel free to have a chat with our team if you have any questions.

What else is new?

Update your plan as you go

Not only have we made changes to the pricing tiers, but we have also added in functionality that allows for monthly subscriptions. This gives your business the freedom to change your plan as your business grows. You can now change your plan in an instant. You can upgrade, downgrade and change your payment details on our ‘buy’ page via the welcome/login button. Please note, this is a different login and account to your ReferralNet hub login.


We have been interoperable with Argus since November 2017, each month the messages exchanged between people using the two networks continues to grow.

We are currently working in Proof of Concept projects with the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA). Currently, as a ReferralNet user, you can exchange some types of messages with HealthLink users. Ask us for more information.

Stay up to date

Make sure you are kept up-to-date with our new updates and offers. Email us to let us know you would like to subscribe.