Connecting the WA Health network with ReferralNet Secure Messaging

Healthcare providers in Western Australia will now use Secure Messaging to connect with the Western Australia Department of Health and the wider network of healthcare providers across the state.

Locating healthcare providers in a live address directory and securely exchanging clinical information via Secure Message Delivery (SMD) will provide a path to better coordinated care for patients.

The WA Department of Health’s Health Support Service (HSS) has recently selected three SMD providers to be part of a panel of vendors in a move towards more secure communication, state-wide.  The project will see messages being exchanged between public hospitals and healthcare providers, particularly GPs across the region. ReferralNet has been selected as part of this panel who comply with HL7 and Australian SMD standards and specifications. Further, ReferralNet maintains a live provider directory service for users.

According to Pulse IT, the WA HSS are expecting a rise in the volume of clinical documents exchanged via SMD. It’s estimated that electronic emergency department discharge and progress summaries will rise from 30,000 a year to 500,000 a year. Outpatient letters from zero to 500,000, prescriptions to 200,000 and referrals to 100,000. Electronic notifications of admissions, discharge or death are expected to rise to one million. Secure Messages exchanged with the WA HSS will be free for practitioners in the region.

WA Health is not the only region encouraging an increased use of Secure Messaging in healthcare. The Australian Digital Health Agency is promoting and supporting the use of SMD nationally. This is in accordance with the National Digital Health Strategy, encouraging the use of secure electronic communication and improving access to information for healthcare providers.

ReferralNet Secure Messaging, as part of Global Health, is working with major industry consortia and the Australian Digital Health Agency to provide the means for industrywide SMD adoption, making communication of health information secure and effective.

ReferralNet offers a range of packages to suit any type and size of organisation. It is estimated that the effective cost of processing a manual document (referral, discharge summary etc.) is around $5. Using ReferralNet instead can save your organisations thousands of dollars a year.

ReferralNet only charges by messages exchanged, not by page or file type. Practitioners can send or receive clinical documents, PDFs, clinical notes, referrals, images and other types of attachments. ReferralNet technology is integrated into existing clinical systems (options for standalone if required) and provides a seamless way to share documents within the healthcare network.

If you are ready to join the network of healthcare practitioners using ReferralNet please look at the ReferralNet packages to see what would be best suited for your business.