How to register for a NASH Certificate

NASH PKI Certificates

Up until recently, obtaining a NASH PKI certificate for your organisation proved to be a time-consuming task.

The new process allows organisations to apply for a NASH certificate online and securely download the certificate via HPOS (Health Professional Online Services).

What is a NASH Certificate?

A NASH (National Authentication Service for Health) PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certificate allows your organisation to access eHealth services such as the My Health Record and Secure Message Delivery.

Do you need a NASH to use ReferralNet Secure Messaging?

Although ReferralNet offers alternative certificates for Secure Messaging. A NASH PKI is the preference for ReferralNet. A NASH PKI is the industry standard and allows for greater interoperability with other secure messaging vendors.

Plus, once you have a NASH you can use the same certificate to access the My Health Record.

Already have a NASH PKI?

If you have recently registered for a NASH, please let our support team know so we can update your account to reflect your NASH certificate.

Find out more about the new process on the My Health Record website: