Manage your account

You have the flexibility to manage your subscription

Now you can log in online to manage what subscription you have and update your payment details. This gives you the freedom to change your plan as your secure messaging usage grows.

Change your plan and edit your payment details via the manage your account page on the website.

How to login

If you are an existing ReferralNet user, your account will be linked to the email address we normally send your invoices to. On the first login, please select ‘forgot password’ to initiate the password reset. You will receive an email where you can reset your password and login.

If you are a new customer, and you registered for ReferralNet online, you log in with the same email and password you set when making your first purchase.

How to update your payment details

Once logged in, you can purchase new plans and change your subscription and payment details.

Follow the below instructions to change your payment preference to a credit card.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu to the right of your email address
  2. Click ‘Update billing information’
  3. Click ‘Register new card’
  4. Enter card details and click ‘Save new card’
  5. If replacing an old card, select ‘Set as primary card’

Note: payment details are not stored in our system.

If you are looking to add new users to your ReferralNet account or change the forwarding email address for incoming referrals, you will need to login to the ReferralNet Hub.


Contact our team if you have any questions about changing your billing cycle or payment methods.