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The number of referrals being exchanged are increasing each year, therefore, so will your fax related expenses.

Not only will you be buying more paper, but Australian GPs find that 21.3% of non-billable time is spent on administrative tasks, such as faxing and processing referrals.

We are sure you see us go on about saying ‘good-bye’ to the fax machine. Maybe you’re still on the fence about it or you think faxing is still the best way to go.

The benefits of Secure Messaging are simple but effective:

  • eliminate manual processes
  • save money on paper and printing
  • the added convenience of incoming referrals going directly to your practice management or clinical system
  • increased referral network
  • reduction in rekeying (and associated errors) of patient information

ReferraNet Secure Messaging helps improve your administrative workflows.

Some of the benefits outlined are intangible, however, some are really easy to see.

Use our ReferralNet Calculator to estimate your annual savings of swapping to secure messaging.

The savings are based on an average of how much a clinic would save sending and receiving via post, fax and e-fax. We have been conservative at an average saving of $2.85 per message, however, depending on your costs it could be a much larger saving! The savings take into account paper costs, printer ink, administration time, fax costs, envelopes and stamps.

If you are currently using Secure Messaging but want to convince someone else to ditch the fax machine and join you on ReferralNet – please feel free to share the ReferralNet Savings Calculator with them!

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