Introducing our approved support partners

Our Partner Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Global Health Partner Program to assist our clients in receiving support quickly and efficiently from local businesses in your State and Region. Our partners will help new clients to install and learn about ReferralNet, as well as provide support to those in their region. Our partners have been trained on ReferralNet and we trust them to provide our customers with a high level of customer satisfaction.

What does the mean for our customers?

Our customers should still lodge a ticket from the ReferralNet support page, the ticket is then sent to the relevant support partner who will either call or email you to follow up your query.

Our support partners will be providing proactive support to those in their region – letting you know about failed messages and ensuring ReferralNet up and running.

Our in-house ReferralNet team work with our partners to ensure customers receive the highest level of support possible.

Global Health’s Partners

Sonder IT

Sonder IT is our support partner for South Australia. Sonder IT has been delivering IT solutions in the medical sector since 2008.

Find out more about Sonder on their website. 

Haycom Technology

Haycom Technology is our support partner for Western Australia.

Find out more about Haycom Technology on their website.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a partner please contact us.