ReferralNet adds Secure Messaging element to VoiceBox Transcription Service

We are proud to be part of this new innovation for transcribing letters and referrals between healthcare providers. VoiceBox is an intelligent medical transcription service, which can accurately transcribe referrals in a timely manner, and in a confidential and trustworthy way.

An essential element of a doctor’s day is communications with other healthcare professionals. The time, cost and effort involved outweigh the outcome in transcribing a written letter or referral. VoiceBox provides a mobile and flexible system for dictating, correcting and delivering correspondence for busy doctors.

How it works

  1. VoiceBox converts your voice to text
    • You can use VoiceBox Proof Readers: The text output and your voice file are delivered to our proofreaders and typists to format and prepare for approval.
    • Or you can use your own administrative assistant: The text output and your voice file are delivered to your own administrative assistant for proofreading and formatting.
  2. Doctor approval can be performed on a mobile device anywhere with high quality internet coverage.
  3. At the point of approval, your correspondence is sent directly using ReferralNet Secure Messaging Delivery to recipients, and also to your own medical practice software.

ReferralNet provides the secure messaging component to the process. Compliant with Australian Government standards and listed on the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Register to Conformity, ReferralNet guarantees the secure and reliable transfer of data between healthcare professionals.

Dedicated to achieving secure, seamless information exchange across the healthcare industry, ReferralNet transfer a range of document types including letters, images, results, and discharge summaries. We are proud to work with the wider healthcare industry, especially with innovative services like VoiceBox. In our combined effort we want to improve the overall patient journey, as well as the service level and the means it is provided.

VoiceBox guarantee 98% accuracy rate or higher for excellent quality audio.


If you would like to hear more about VoiceBox and the transcription service, please visit their website.