Share your ReferralNet ID with those who need it.

Do your contacts know you have a ReferralNet account?

Let people know you have an account.  

Before anyone can send information to you, they need to know you have an account.


Update your website to include your ReferralNet Secure Messaging ID where your fax number used to be. This way, healthcare organisations can easily see how they can contact you. 

Email signatures and letterheads 

Encourage people to send you a secure message instead of fax or post by including your ID in your email signature to other providers and also on your letterhead. This way, they are more likely to respond via Secure Message rather than by a paper method.

Encourage those who do not have an account to register.  

Secure messaging works best when all parties involved can reap the benefits. We recommend contacting your top ten inbound or outbound communicators and let them know that you use ReferralNet Secure Messaging. This is also a good chance to encourage those who have not yet started their good-byes to fax or post. 

Monthly plans  

One of the reasons our pricing is monthly and usage-based is so that it is accessible to all kinds of healthcare businesses. Feel free to encourage your contacts to look at our plans to see if any are suitable for them.