Training your team for Secure Messaging

Does your team know how they can use ReferralNet?

Ensure your clinical and administrative staff are trained in sending and receiving letters, referrals and results.

Do you have new hires for the new year? We often find that new staff are not sure how to use ReferralNet Secure Messaging to get the best results. We can help.

Updates from ReferralNet 

The first thing to do is to make sure all relevant staff members receive our monthly newsletters. These newsletters include information on common queries we are being asked, links to user guides, information on new updates and any other tips we have to improve the use of Secure Messaging. 

You can sign up here: 

Customer Service Centre 

Staff can register for a login to our customer service centre. This will allow them to view ReferralNet Guides and Frequently Asked Questions. They can also track the status of any lodged support tickets in this portal.


Training is usually provided when we first install the ReferralNet agent on your system. We also have made guides available on the customer service centre. If you cannot find a guide on ReferralNet with your clinical system, please let us know.

Different clinical systems mean different workflows

ReferralNet can work in slightly different ways depending on the clinical system you are using. If you change clinical systems and want to continue using ReferralNet, please check the user guides for any differences.


We are always interested in what you would like to know. Please provide us feedback as to what you and your team want to know about ReferralNet so that we can work on creating new training content.