Your first step towards a Fax Free Year

Paper is so last year...

Swap paper for Secure Messaging

ReferralNet works within clinical systems.

ReferralNet Secure Messaging integrates with the major clinical and practice management systems. This means that you can send documents directly from your letter writer and easily receive documents to save against your client files. 

Typically, ReferralNet fits into your existing workflow. After you write your letter or note in your clinical system’s letter writer, instead of printing the document or letter you will have the opportunity to select a recipient from your address book and send via ReferralNet.  

ReferralNet integrates with most of the major clinical systems in Australia. ReferralNet directly integrates with PrimaryClinic, MasterCare EMR, MasterCare+ and HealthKit. You can also use ReferralNet with Medical Director, Best Practice, ZedMed, Cliniko, Genie, Cerner, Medtech and PPMP. You can contact us to find out how we integrate with your clinical system.  

If you don’t have a clinical system that can use Secure Messaging (or you don’t have a clinical system at all), but you want to say goodbye to the fax machine, we recommend looking into MasterCare+ for Secure Messaging. ReferralNet is built-in, so you don’t need to buy ReferralNet separately. Client notes that you write and send are saved against client files for easy storage. You can find out more about the web-based platform and purchase the product on the MasterCare website.