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About ReferralNet

ReferralNet is Global Health‘s Secure Messaging Platform.

Global Health launched ReferralNet Secure Messaging in 2002 as part of an Electronic Discharge Referral System project. ReferralNet is now a leading secure messaging provider working closely with industry and healthcare professionals.

Who we are

Our parent company Global Health has over 30 years experience in the software industry for healthcare.

years experience

What we do

We give health organisations the ability to securely exchange health data and information. Our Secure Messaging network has over 10,000 users and a network that extends further through an interoperable partnership with Argus.

ReferralNet Partners

We believe in working relationships and collaboration.

ReferralNet and Global Health are committed to working with the wider healthcare industry to improve the overall patient journey.

ReferralNet enables information to be sent securely between clinicians and their patients, making it an essential component of digital healthcare. As such, we believe in maintaining strong relationships and collaborative partnerships.

Global Health strives to build relationships with our industry partners, so the best possible business and healthcare outcomes are achieved. To find out more about Global Health’s vision and our other products, visit the Global Health Website.

We are always open to new partnerships and collaborations. If you are interested in integrating with ReferralNet, please contact us.

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