Exchange Secure Messages directly from your practice management and clinical system

Use the ReferralNet plugin to extend your practice and clinical system for exchanging documents via Secure Messaging.

Save time and money by eliminating the need for manual filing, faxing and scanning.

Eliminate the need for manual processes such as scanning, faxing and filing to save your team time and money

Use the ReferralNet Savings calculator to see how much you can save with Secure Messaging.

Key Benefits

Receive Secure Message

Interoperable with Argus

Cost Effective

Time and money are saved by removing manual processes

SMD Compliant

Compliant with Australian e-health standards

Tracking and Reporting

Notifications, tracking and reporting all available

ReferralNet SMD Live Address Book
Interactive Address Book

Search the address book in real-time

ReferralNet SMD Receive
Custom Integration

Custom integration available for enterprise systems

ReferralNet integrates with and supports message exchange for most clinical applications in Australia.

Results are sent in real time, enabling your referrers rapid access to patient results within their own system. Referrers without a clinical system can use ReferralNet via a stand-alone application.

e-switch allows for custom integration

Diagnostic services can use e-switch to integrate separate systems, increasing the use and efficiency of the overall workflow.

ReferralNet Features
  • Free installation
  • Send/receive referrals
  • Send/receive diagnostic requests and results
  • Send/receive discharge summaries
  • SMD Compliant
  • High-security PKI encryption
  • Tightly integrated with your clinical software
  • Inbuilt alerts and activity reports
  • Interactive address book
  • Expert support
  • Send/receive patient reports and letters
  • Two-way Interoperable with Argus