ReferralNet for Enterprise Level Healthcare Organisations

Interoperable with Telstra Health’s Argus

Connect with more healthcare providers than ever before. ReferralNet is interoperable with Argus allowing you to exchange messages to a larger network.

ReferralNet’s Dedicated Support Team

Our team is ready to assist with any query you may have. We also have a range of FAQ’s and access guides for quick and easy assistance.

Works With Your Clinical System

ReferralNet fits in easily within your current clinical system to make the transition as seamless and simple as possible. This allows you to be up and running in no time.

Inbuilt Alerts and Activity Reports

Looking to better manage your secure messages and referrals? Inbuilt alerts and activity reports keep you up to date and help you coordinate your team effectively.

High Security PKI Encryption

You can be confident that secure messaging really is secure with ReferralNet’s high security PKI encryption. We take data security seriously so that you are able to send and receive documents with confidence.

Receive Fax Referrals with GoFax

Love the idea of electronic referrals but still receiving an occasional faxed referral? Our partnership with GoFax means that your system automatically converts fax referrals into eReferrals for your convenience.

Works with all major clinical software

Make the use of secure messaging as simple as possible with easy connectivity to your current clinical system for convenience and efficiency.

Useful for all sectors of the healthcare system

Private Practice

Using ReferralNet provides your organisation the ability to connect to a wider network of healthcare professionals and enhance your patients journey.

Government-Funded Services

Ensure your organisation has the right system to improve operations and enhance the security of patient data when transferring between platforms.

Product Vendors

We enhance relationships between healthcare providers by creating partnerships and integrations that work towards a connected healthcare network.

A Global Health Ltd Product

Global Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions to the Australian healthcare industry.

Innovation, consumer-centricity and connectivity are the foundations of the Company’s vision of ‘connecting clinicians and consumers.’

With almost 35 years of experience, our products help healthcare service delivery organisations streamline the delivery of their services to provide better health outcomes though connected healthcare systems.

Interested in how we can assist you and your organisation?