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ReferralNet Secure Messaging and Halaxy

ReferralNet is integrated with Halaxy so that you can securely and easily communicate with other healthcare practitioners.

Halaxy users who wish to use ReferralNet should email Halaxy via the details below.

Step 1

How to create a new ReferralNet account in Halaxy


Contact [email protected] and they will enable ReferralNet in your Halaxy Account.

Step 2


Submit a request for a group account (your individual account will follow).

1. Go to the ‘Settings’ page under the ‘Profile’ tab in your Halaxy.

2. Click the ‘Edit’ icon next to ReferralNet, under ‘Integrations’.

3. If you have an existing ReferralNet account, click ‘Yes’ and enter your username and password. Click ‘Save’.

If you do not have an existing ReferralNet account, click ‘No’ and apply for an account from here. Fill in your Primary Contact, Address, Discipline, Email and Phone.

4. Click Submit.

5. Reply to [email protected] and let the Halaxy team know that you are done.

Approval may take a few days. Once your account has been enabled, the status will change from Waiting approval to Active. Halaxy will also notify you when this happens.

ReferralNet in HealthKit Screenshot

Step 3

Add Individual Users

If you would like individual practitioners to have their own account within your group, you need to add each practitioner.

1. Click the ‘Edit’ icon next to ReferralNet, under ‘Integrations’.

2. Under ‘Existing’ Account’, select ‘Create New’.

3. Click ‘Save’.

If you are an existing ReferralNet customer and need to join the two accounts together, please follow these instructions:

1. Click the ‘Edit’ icon next to ReferralNet under ‘Integrations’.

2. Under ‘Existing Account’, select ‘Yes’.

3. Enter the Username and Password and click ‘Save’.

4. You now need to add the certificate. Click the Add Certificate button;

You need to add both the Practice and your own individual certificate. The Practice certificate is selected by default.
Click the Choose File button and locate the P12 certificate. If you do not have the certificate on file, please contact ReferralNet on 03 9675 0600 to generate a new certificate to link to your account.

5. Enter a Certificate Password and click Upload. Now click on the Add Certificate button again to upload your individual certificate;

6. Click the Type drop-down menu and select your name;

7. Click the Choose File button and locate the P12 certificate.

You will be notified when the uploaded certificates are approved.

The ‘Validate Login’ button confirms if you have the correct username and password and are ready to start using ReferralNet.

How to send a ReferralNet Message in Halaxy

ReferralNet is fully interoperable with Argus. This means you can communicate with healthcare providers using either one.

Send Patient Notes and Records
You can send patient notes from within the Clinical page.

Click the triangle next to the ‘Save’ button and click ‘SMD ReferralNet’.

Find who you want to send it to by using any of the search criteria to narrow down your search. The search will look through the ReferralNet and Argus Address Books.

Once you have searched for and found the desired recipient, select them and click ‘Next’.

A summary will appear on screen, confirming the details being sent.

Select the message type and click ‘Send’ when ready.

How to receive a message in Halaxy


A notification is generated for a received message. You can access this by clicking on the ‘Notifications’ tab on your Dashboard. You can also click on the ‘View’ option within the notification to view the message.

A list of all messages sent and received are displayed on the Communications page, found under the Contacts tab.

Secure Message Notifications

Want to securely exchange faxes via Halaxy?

ReferralNet and GoFax are now integrated.

ReferralNet has partnered with GoFax, allowing healthcare providers to exchange clinical documents via digital fax and eReferrals via their ReferralNet enable system.

Learn more about how you can exchange referrals and fax here.

Halaxy Support

All Halaxy support queries should be directed to the Halaxy support team.

Support queries may include:

General Enquiries

Technical Issues



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