ReferralNet Solutions

ReferralNet Secure Messaging and e-switch are compliant with Australian Government standards

Eliminate manual and outdated communication methods

Save time and money on referrals and other paper-based communication with ReferralNet Secure Messaging.

Securely and efficiently communicate with other healthcare providers from your clinical system. ReferralNet allows you to track and report all secure messages between General Practitioners, Specialists, Allied Health, Hospitals and Diagnostics.

Eliminate system barriers

ReferralNet’s e-switch is a middleware software that helps you exchange data externally, internally and between different software systems.

Use e-switch for ReferralNet Secure Messaging if your software is not compatible and for patient data sharing for better patient outcomes.

Don’t have a clinical system to plug ReferralNet into?

MasterCare+ is ReferralNet’s sister brand. It is the ultimate solution for organisations who do not use a clinical system but want to securely send, receive and attach documents to client records.

The platform is a lightweight web-based application that can be accessed on the go from a smartphone, tablet or computer via an internet connection.