Eliminate system barriers

e-switch middleware

ReferralNet’s e-switch is a middleware software that helps you exchange data externally, internally and between different software systems. Use e-switch for ReferralNet Secure Messaging if your software is not compatible and for patient data sharing for better patient outcomes.

Create an efficient workflow

Integrating different software products allows your business processes and data to flow and be accessible across the whole enterprise.

e-switch is based on multithreaded architecture, giving it the capability to meet the requirements of enterprises requiring a high volume of information exchange.

Integration engines allows two software systems that meet different needs to be used in conjunction with one another, ultimately providing an improved solution.

Our solution gives you the capability to connect existing systems with new systems or those of your clients, suppliers and distributors. You can host e-switch on our Altitude Cloud to minimise your infrastructure outlay and maintenance requirements.

e-switch overview

Next steps

Our professional services team can assess the level of integration required for your organisation and help determine where we can support the exchange and management of documents.

Pricing for e-switch will depend on the level of integration required. Please contact us to find out more.