Reduce administrative tasks and increase your correspondence efficiency with ReferralNet and VoiceBox

VoiceBox provides a mobile and flexible system for dictating, correcting and delivering correspondence for busy doctors.

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We know communicating with other health professionals is an essential part of a doctor’s day-to-day tasks

ReferralNet and VoiceBox provide a solution that reduces the time, cost and effort involved with transcribing a written letter or referral.

Learn more about the system that enables you to use a mobile device for dictating, correcting and delivering correspondence and see the benefits for yourself.

How the partnership works

ReferralNet provides the secure messaging component to the VoiceBox process. Compliant with Australian Government standards and listed on the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Register to Conformity.


This integration means that VoiceBox users are able to utilise ReferralNet’s secure message delivery system to automatically send transcriptions to a patient’s file in their practice software.

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