About us

An Australian secure messaging delivery system for healthcare professionals.

Our story

Founded in 1985

ReferralNet is part of the Global Health family of solutions. Founded in 1985, Global Health (ASX:GLH) is a publicly listed provider of software solutions for the Australian healthcare sector.

Established in 2002

Global Health launched ReferralNet in 2002 as part of an Electronic Discharge Referral System project. Today, we are a leading secure messaging provider working closely with industry and healthcare professionals to minimise paper management and unlock the power of a connected health system.

Connecting our industry

Today, our secure messaging solution supports over 10,000 users in a network that extends across Australia through an interoperable partnership with Argus. Enabling users of all sizes from administrators in major hospitals to clinicians in local practices to efficiently communicate and remove paper based processes from their everyday work.

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