How it works

Secure Messaging for Healthcare Professionals

What is ReferralNet?

ReferralNet is a secure message delivery application (SMD) that enables healthcare practitioners to send and receive patient information with other practitioners on the ReferralNet network.

ReferralNet users can send and receive almost any file type including reports, referrals, pathology results, radiology results, discharge summaries, letters and more.

Who can I exchange messages with?

ReferralNet users can send and receive patient information with all other users on the ReferralNet online directory. Allowing you to communicate with other GPs, Specialists, Allied Health, Community Health, Hospitals, Pathology, Radiology and other users.

Thanks to our integration with Argus, ReferralNet covers an extensive range of users across Australia. Including approximately 90% of Victoria, 85% of New South Wales, 80% of Tasmania, 60% of South Australia, and 10% of Queensland and Western Australia.

How is it deployed?

ReferralNet is deployed through API integration with most clinical and practice management solutions. This means you can enable secure messaging through your current software provider without needing to access our application. Click here to view all compatible software providers.

If you don’t use a compatible software, you can still use ReferralNet to send and receive documents as well as access our online directory through the ReferralNet Hub.

How am I charged?

ReferralNet charges based on the number of secure messages both sent and received through the application. Users are only charged per document exchanged through ReferralNet, irrelevant of how many pages make up each document sent. Our subscriptions make it easy for users to only pay for the number of messages they send per payment cycle.

All users are able to login to the ReferralNet Hub for free where they can check the number of messages they have sent each month as well as access other reporting features.


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