ReferralNet Secure Messaging Pricing

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PrimaryClinic, MasterCare EMR, medtech, ZedMed, MedicalDirector, Genie Solutions, Smartsoft, Best Practice, Audit4

ReferralNet plans

Secure Messages are charged for both sent documents and documents received by ReferralNet. However, users are only charged per document exchanged, not for the number of pages in each document.

Additional usage fees apply if you exceed the messages included in your package.

Prices on this page are current as at 4 September 2023 and are subject to change.

Enterprise enquiries

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Why ReferralNet?

Send/receive referrals

Send/receive diagnostic requests and results

Send/receive discharge summaries

SMD Compliant

High-security PKI encryption

Tightly integrated with your clinical software

Inbuilt alerts and activity reports

Interactive address book

Expert support

Send/receive patient reports and letters

Two-way interoperable with Argus