ReferralNet Secure Messaging

Start saving today

All packages are available in monthly or annual plans

  • Exchange 30 messages a month
  • Additional Messages at 37c
  • That’s $132 a year
  • For 360 messages a year
  • Free Support and Installation
  • Exchange 416 messages a month
  • Additional Messages at 18c
  • That’s $864 a year
  • For 5,000 messages a year
  • Free Support and Installation

You won’t be charged until after your free month ends – you can upgrade and downgrade at any time.

*Additional usage fees apply during the 30-day free trial. 

ReferralNet Features
  • Free installation
  • Send/receive referrals
  • Send/receive diagnostic requests and results
  • Send/receive discharge summaries
  • SMD Compliant
  • High-security PKI encryption
  • Tightly integrated with your clinical software
  • Inbuilt alerts and activity reports
  • Interactive address book
  • Expert support
  • Send/receive patient reports and letters
  • Two-way Interoperable with Argus

Why ReferralNet?

ReferralNet Secure Messaging replaces faxing, printing, scanning and posting; freeing up your team to do more crucial tasks.

Secure Messaging is the preferred method of exchanging confidential patient information and reduce the risk of privacy breaches. It helps you to comply with Australian Privacy Principles and aligns with the RACGP goal to remove the use of fax machines from healthcare by 2020.