ReferralNet Secure Messaging Savings Calculator

Achieve real cost savings by eliminating the need for manual processes such as scanning, faxing and filing. The more messages you exchange, the more quantifiable the saving.

SMD Savings Calculator
Messages Per Month Minimum Savings Per Year

Enter the number of messages you would send, or the equivalent to a fax, phone call or scan to see how much you could be saving.

The savings take into account paper costs, printer ink, administration time, fax costs, envelopes and stamps, which we conservatively equated to an average of $2.85 per message.

Depending on your costs it could be a much larger saving!

Did you know ReferralNet is…

Two-Way Interoperability
ReferralNet is two-way interoperable with Argus so you can communicate with more healthcare providers.

SMD Compliant
ReferralNet is one of the few vendors that meets Australian CDA, HL7 v2 and FHIR standards.

Usage Based
Our plans are by site and not the number of users. Plus, there is no lock-in contracts and free support!

Easily monitored
Tracking and reporting allows users to customise send and receive notifications and activity reports.

Partners with GoFax
Connect your fax machine to your ReferralNet account, and receive fax direct to your clinical system.

Interested in getting started or want to know more?

Visit our pricing page to see what package will best suit your practice or fill in your details below to request more information about ReferralNet Secure Messaging. ReferralNet is essential in transforming your practice from Fax to a Digital Secure Messaging System.

What is ReferralNet?

ReferralNet is a secure message delivery application (SMD) that enables the exchange of patient information between healthcare practitioners. ReferralNet is used extensively across the healthcare industry by GPs, Specialists, Allied Health, Community Health, Hospitals, Pathology, Radiology and many others.

ReferralNet enables the information produced by one system to be sent, encrypted, received into the recipient system so that the information can be viewed and actioned.

What do you get with ReferralNet?

Interactive address book ✓

Send and receive referrals, reports, letters, diagnostic requests and discharge summaries ✓

High-security PKI encryption ✓

Tight integration with your clinical software ✓