Reduce administration tasks with GoFax and ReferralNet

Transform inbound faxes to e-referrals and access both from a single inbox

Interested in free setup & simple porting with GoFax?

GoFax’s latest promotion offers ReferralNet users the opportunity to transfer any existing fax number from another carrier to GoFax for free as long as it is a simple port.

Offer ends 14th of July 2021.

Benefits of receiving referrals electronically

Reduced processing time

Improved communication

One inbox

Less room for error

How the partnership works

This GoFax and ReferralNet connection provides a single workflow for receiving* documents.

When a fax is received via your GoFax number, ReferralNet cloud services will transform the document into HL7, passing the eReferral securely into the connected clinical system for actioning.

*Faxes can be received via ReferralNet. Secure messaging to be received via Fax is still underway.

1. Clinician sends a fax referral
2. Fax referral is received by GoFax and passed to ReferralNet Cloud services
3. The fax referral is transformed to HL7 and a notification is sent to the recipient
4. ReferralNet securely sends the eReferral to the recipient’s clinical system for actioning

Ready to see the benefits of a single inbox with ReferralNet and GoFax?

Purchase a ReferralNet subscription

The first step is to sign up for ReferralNet via our online store.

Sign up for a GoFax account

Register for a GoFax account via their website.

Connect the two accounts

You will need both a ReferralNet and GoFax account to get started. Complete this form and our customer success team will help your through the rest.

Bradley Davis, CEO of GoLogic Group said:

“GoFax customers appreciate the flexibility of a fax solution that adapts to the workflows of a changing healthcare environment.”

  • Freedom to connect with a much broader network of healthcare systems
  • Supporting digital to digital sharing of documents across healthcare
  • Extended service offering that increases value to Healthcare Delivery Organisations